CED Juniors participate in confab on Instructional Methodologies

By Jonel D. Ramirez, BSED- Social Studies III


The Master of Arts in Educational Administration students of NDMC-Graduate School sponsored a Seminar-Workshop on Instructional Methodologies to the third year CED students which was held at the NDMC Primera Function Hall on November 11, 2017.


The activity bears the theme “Embracing Methodologies through Innovations of Instructional Materials for the 21st Century Teaching-Learning”. It aims to orient future teachers of the innovative ways in making instructional materials and employing effective and sustainable teaching and learning methodologies for the 21st century learners. Accordingly, the said seminar-workshop aimed to address the challenge posted by an official government report issued by the International Education Advisory Board which said, “The classroom has changed since millennials began moving through today’s school systems. Curricula evolve, and new teaching methodologies are developed to reach this generation, which spends as much time stimulated by digital media as it does in school. As teachers work to engage and educate this generation of students, they must ensure that learning should be relevant to the students where the lesson’s content must be specific, concise and fast because millennials are hungry for information and will search for it on their own if teachers do not present what they perceive to be relevant.”


The activity was split into two parts namely: Demonstration and Lecture (Morning) and Workshop (Afternoon). Jazel Talha, Dyan Margarette Gitio, Rogie Mae Magalso, Realyn Yonggue, and Gian Anthony Buenaflor were the speakers and facilitators of this event.