NDMC Intensifies Research Culture Through UPD Research Team Collaboration

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Any academic institution that claims excellence has exhausted everything possible to maintain dynamic instruction, engaging extension and rigorous research. These are pillars of excellence of the school not only recognized by an accrediting and funding agencies, scholarships and grants but most importantly her client – the student.

In the case of NDMC, these three pillars of excellence are well taken care of. Teachers upgrade their proficiency through further studies and academic engagements. Strong partnership with LGU and NGOs constitute the growth of extension programs and services. Relevant studies make up the research pillar. But as the premiere academic institution in the Cotabato Province, NDMC cannot just rest on her laurels as the education landscape evolves to further innovation and relevance.

The select faculty of the Notre Dame of Midsayap College, the 7-man team of the University of the Philippines Diliman Research Team (UPD-RT) and representatives of the Erumanen ne Menuvu Community of Pangipasan in Matalam forged time, expertise and logistical resources for an exploratory meeting last October 10, 2019 at the Primera Function Hall. Also present is Fr. Stephen Ondoy, OMI who accompanied the Erumanen ne Menuvu representatives

The exploratory meeting initially identifies issues from Erumanen ne Menuvu community and the research capability of NDMC. This was later broken down into 4 groups: Education, Language, Culture and Arts and Literature – the areas felt affecting by the Erumanen ne Menuvu Community.

From the reports presented by the four groups, the UPD Research Team is happy to have recognized rich research topics. The process does not end there though. This will be formalized by the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between UPD RT, NDMC and the Erumanen ne Menuvu Community. After the MOA Signing is the Formulation of Research Agenda. Research Training and Fellowship is the second phase. This will culminate with the Presentation and Dissemination of Research Output through Publication.

The afternoon session ended after threshing out concerns and inquiries about the Program Concept and Terms of Reference.

The day’s session was long and full of insights and rigorous efforts. These are parcel of requites to come up with a published research.

The group can only look forward for an evening to unwind and chill. And the whole group was in for an amazing treat. Primera Function Hall subdued in the evening for Solidarity Night and Fellowship Dinner. Everyone had a sneak peek of the dance performance of SinagDayag Fold and Contemporary Dancers who will represent NDMC in the Sayaw Pinoy 2019 in Manila.

The UPD Research Team joined the NDMC family in a medley of food, songs and dances. Everyone had the best of the evening – a fitting tradition to cap a fruitful collaboration. The UPD Research Team is composed of Assoc. Prof. Ma. Theesa T. Payongayong, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Carlos P. Tatel, Jr. PhD, Prof. Vicente C. Villan, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Ma. Althea T. Enriquez, PhD, Asst. Prof. Nancy Kimuell-Gabriel, PhD, Asst. Prof. Mary Jane B. Rodriguez, Prof. Galileo S. Zafra, PhD, Ms. Ross Kline A. Empleo.

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