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Domingo installed as new NDMC President

CBA Celebrating Mass of Thanksgiving, Honoring God's Goodness, Power, Holiness, and Sovereignty

As God’s beloved disciples, we should not forget Him, even at our success. Having Fr. Alvin Vicente C. Barreto, OMI, as the presider, the message of sharing the joy, success, and fruit of labor with God and fellowmen was emphasized, as God dwells within us. 

To convey the sincerest gratitude to the Lord above, a thanksgiving mass took place at the Notre Dame Chapel on November 29, 2022, in celebration of the success achieved by the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants of the College of Business and Accountancy (CBA) in yielding board exam passers.

Restoring Excellence in the Interest of Transformational Education

There are not enough words to adequately express the sacrifices, hard work, and dedication that everyone displayed in pursuit of their academic goals. Indeed, those who sow seed will also reap its harvest. This is consistent with the trip that each student has taken. It is just crucial to acknowledge and congratulate their work and time spent to succeed fully in their endeavor. Despite the challenges and limitations placed in their path, they persevere and continue to attain success.

The Eagles have risen fron the ashes, flying and soaring high in the sky

After two years of hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the College of Business and Accountancy of Notre Dame of Midsayap College once again celebrated its annual CBA Festival last November 16–17, 2022, at the NDMC grounds with the theme, "Intensifying the CBA Community Legacy: Upholding Excellence through Strengthened Collective Efforts."

The Bangsamoro Ministry of Public Order and Safety, Tanglaw Diwa, and the NDMC Supreme Student Government

Organized a symposium to discuss preventing and countering violent extremism (PCVE) on November 15, 2022, at Bulwagang Genoveva Deles Jaranilla.
Ms. Ma. Ezelle M. Bayog, LPT, delivered her welcoming address. 2lt Jojo B. Pabunan, (Inf) PA Bn CMO, 92IB, was second to speak sharing his valuable experiences as an army officer.
After that, Ms. Sittie Janine M. Gamao, Peace Program Officer V, spoke about issues involving extremism and violence. A few participants enthusiastically expressed their own opinions and perceptions of the aforementioned event.

TES (Tertiary Education Subsidy) TES is one of the partnerships between parents and students for continuing college education

TES (Tertiary Education Subsidy) TES is one of the partnerships between parents and students for continuing college education

One of the institutions in Region XII with the greatest number of TES grant recipients is Notre Dame of Midsayap College. The sixth installment of the Tertiary Education Subsidy, 2nd Semester A.Y. 2021-2022, was finally released last September 13 till September 15, 2022.

Parents, witnesses, or guardians were no longer required to appear to claim the TES funds. There were few changes in the process of claiming the subsidies to the delight of the beneficiaries.


The Historic Bulwagang Genoveva deles Jaranilla glimpsed the First Ever NDMC Band/Combo Reunion

September 10, 2022, marked the calendars of NDMC's band alumni with glittering lines. On this day, the hall witnessed the 1st ever NDMC BAND/COMBO REUNION held at NDMC Bulwagang Genoveva Deles Jaranilla, Midsayap, Cotabato. As part of the institution's traditions, the graduates who once stepped on the stage are gathered under one roof to meet and greet people who served a substantial role in making their stay at NDMC memorable. 

A Eucharistic Mass which was presided by Fr. Jonathan Domingo, OMI, warmthly started the event. 

NDMC shakes the stage with Kasikatan 2022

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of its rebirth, Notre Dame of Midsayap College marks the end of the illustrious Mother Mary’s birthday with the resurgence of Kasikatan 2022; the golden event that flaunts only the finest Notre Dameans with their unrivaled talents and sensational skills.

Fiesta sa NDMC: Celebrating the Greatness of Mary; The True Hope of All

After years of pause in academic-related operations, Notre Dame of Midsayap College has finally restored the Dameans’ spirit as the community celebrated Mother Mary’s nativity with a theme “Fiesta sa NDMC: Celebrating the Greatness of Mary; The True Hope of All.” It aimed to recollect and clutch a lesson from the charitable acts that Mother Mary inculcated in humanity and to serve as an epitome of piousness and compassion. 

NDMC exemplifies compassion through community extension services

Embodying the generosity and humility, which are the characteristics of Mother Mary, the Notre Dame of Midsayap College, through the College of Business and Accountancy and College of Education, extended its helping hands to the IP community of Langgal and IP kids of Pangipasan Mission School in the same day of celebrating the birthday of Mother Mary, September 8, 2022, at Primera Function Hall. 

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