LET 2017 results still above the National Passing Rate

LET 2017 results still above the National Passing Rate

By Ruby Rose C. Pendon, BSED- English III

The Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) is the national qualifying examination for professional teachers in the Philippines mandated by Republic Act No. 7836 otherwise known as the Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act of 1994.

This examination is held twice a year, one in March and another in September. This exam is divided into three tests: General Education, Professional Education, and Content Courses.

Recently, the Professional Regulation Commission released its official list of new professional teachers. For the September 2017 Licensure Examination for Teachers, NDMC achieved a considerable passing rate for both BSED and BEED takers. Thirty-nine (39) BSED graduates, twelve (12) BEED graduates and sixteen (16) BSED- Unit Earners have been added to the set of licensed teachers. The BSED boasts a 77.78% passing rate which is way above the national passing rate of 46. 37%. Also, the BEED gained a 35.48% finish which is also above the national passing rate of 26.33%.

Indeed, it is not an easy road for the takers. Prior to the scheduled examination, they dedicated their time in the rigorous review.

In addition, with the purpose of increasing the knowledge of the subject matter and test taking skills, the College of Education organized an Enhancement Program where professors and instructors collaboratively conducted series of lectures and practice test activities for the students.


The new professional teachers are the following:


  1. AGUSTIN, Kryzel Karen C.,  LPT
  2. CHAN, Myren Grace B., LPT
  3. CUDO, Cherrylou D. LPT*
  4. DE GUZMAN, Jenifer C., LPT
  5. DELA  VIŇA,  Sylvia Jane P., LPT
  6. DIMASU-AY, Rhona Joy L., LPT
  7. ESPIRITU, Kate Bernadette G., LPT
  8. LABIANG, Lanelyn A., LPT
  9. MADALAG, Liza Mae A., LPT
  10.  PALMA, Claudine Pearl V., LPT
  11. SINDE, Saica G., LPT
  12. SINGCO, Paul Christian C., LPT
  13. TARONGOY, Ida Beth S., LPT



  1. ALMENDRAS, Karl J., LPT*
  2. ANITO, Catherine Claire B., LPT
  3. BANESIO, Anthony C., LPT
  4. BARTOLABA, Ermelene B., LPT*
  5. BELARMINO, Faith Angeline A., LPT
  6. CAALIM, Irish Viviene B., LPT
  7. CAALIM, Kristen T., LPT
  8. DACULA, Christine T., LPT*
  9. DE CASTILLO, Resalyn C., LPT
  10. DELOS SANTOS, Odessa Y., LPT
  11. DONASCO, Marie  May I., LPT
  12. DUTERTE, Rogelie Rose R., LPT
  13. FABIA, Maria Princess J., LPT
  14. FABIA, Rex L., LPT
  15. FABILA, Apple Joy B., LPT
  16. FERRAREN, Lenmae Y., LPT
  17. FRANCISCO, Vanessa Kristine A., LPT
  18. GONZALES, Ma. Kaye Alexis G., LPT
  19. GUARIÑO, Gabriel S., LPT*
  20. GUIBANI, Manilyn E., LPT
  21. JABIDO, Julie Ruzzieth C., LPT
  22. JOROLAN, Jesthyl O., LPT
  23. JUGOS, Wilmor Joseph M., LPT
  24. LUTAO, Mary Grace C., LPT*
  25. MOSKITO, Clarez Charity P., LPT
  26. MOSTRALES, Rutchelle M., LPT*
  27. NEQUINTO, Lyzlie G., LPT
  28. ORTEGA, Sheena A., LPT
  29. OBANDO, Haidee C., LPT*
  30. OSMAN, Ritchelle M., LPT*
  31. PADERES, Febia May S., LPT
  32. PADRIQUELA, Klarizel Mae R., LPT
  33. PAGADUAN, Danilo Jr, L., LPT
  34. PORRAS, Carmelyn L., LPT
  35. QUIJANO, Pat  O., LPT*
  36. SABRAN, Hervie Jake N., LPT
  37. SIAPNO, Joseph Philip  J., LPT
  38. SUAN, Janice P., LPT*
  39. SU-AY, Rosemarie V., LPT*
  40. SUMOG-OY, Lani Velle O., LPT
  41. TABIANO, Vera Mae Keenne G.,  LPT
  42. TAPANDING, Lahmudin K., LPT
  43. TOLENTIN, Michael  S., LPT
  44. VILOAN, Dyan Grace S., LPT



Secondary (Unit Earners)

  1. ABAS, Norhanie M., LPT.
  2. BALABA, Primrose A.,  LPT
  3. BETIL, Riza R., LPT
  4. CORDOVERO, Erna A., LPT
  5. EQUIA, Charizze Ann C., LPT
  6.  ESPIRITU, Anna Marie R., LPT
  7. EUGENIO, Herbert Anthony L., LPT
  8. FALLORINA, Vanessa Grace V., LPT
  9.  GATERA, Estepanny Q., LPT
  10.  LINAMAS, Cherie Rose E., LPT
  11. MILITAR, Mary Cherry M.,  LPT
  12.  OPEŇA, Gerald A., LPT
  13.  QUIMOT, Merilou O., LPT
  14. RAZ, Ryan C.,  LPT
  15. SERRANO, Nikki M., LPT*
  16. SILONGAN, Hamida L., LPT
  17. TALHA, Jazel C., LPT
  18. TOJEMBARA, Ainee T.,  LPT

*March 2017 LET Passers