The library is the heart of the school. It is here where students may widen and deepen their knowledge. It is here where students may supplement their work in the class and from the rich sources of information, learn more to become informed individuals.

    Every student should make it a point to derive maximum benefits from the college library. In turn, students should cooperate with the librarian and the staff in their effort to create and preserve in the library a spirit of study and research. 

The Student Library Handbook aims to:

  1. Teach students and other users to use different library materials;
  2. Define the rules and regulations of the library; and
  3. Ensure consistency in the implementation of the library rules and regulations.



The Learning Resource Center, as an essential part of the institutional program of the college, envisions itself to be a model academic library of higher learning in the community.


The Learning Resource Center, facilitates the educational objectives of the institution. It’s main function is to offer their curricular, instructional, research, cultural and community service programs. It endeavors to organize, maintain and provide fast access to appropriate delivery of information services.


  • To develop, design implement and continuously enhance an integrated library information system for easy retrieval of information and library materials.
  • To enrich, develop and maintain library collections, services and facilities to compliment the academic requirements of the program offerings.
  • To offer adequate and stimulating learning environment through access to relevant learning materials in all available format for instructional, informational research and recreational needs of the NDMC community.


Location of the Libraries:

    College Library:

  • The College Library is located at the Bishop Ben De Jesus Building

    Junior High School Library:

  • The (Notre Dame of Midsayap) High School Library is located at the ground floor of the Father Gordon Building.

    Grade School Library:

  • The Grade School Library is located at the center of the elementary building.

Service Hours

College Library

  • Mon – Fri 7:30AM – 5:00PM (NO NOON BREAK)
  • Saturday 8:00AM – 11:30AM – 1:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Sunday 8:00AM – 11:30AM

Junior High School Library

  • Mon – Fri 7:30AM – 5:00PM (NO NOON BREAK)
  • Saturday 8:00AM – 11:30AM – 1:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Sunday 8:00AM – 11:30AM - 1:00PM - 4:00PM

Grade School Library

  • Mon – Fri 7:30AM – 5:00PM (NO NOON BREAK)



Upon entering to the Learning Resource Center:

  • Courtesy and respect shall be observed at all times. Any user must comply with all rules and regulations in the use of the library. The library practices the open-shelf system, whereby library users are allowed to enter the stacks, for maximum resources utilization.
  • NO ID, NO ENTRY is strictly enforced. The Library ID serves as the pass in the use of the library and its resources. The Library ID is presented upon entrance and every time a book or material is borrowed.
  • The Library ID is non-transferable. Library privilege should be exercised personally. The owner of the Library ID is responsible for all materials borrowed on it. Anyone found lending or using someone else's Library ID will be penalized.
  • The college and Senior High School Library ID are validated every semester, while the Grade School and Junior High School Library ID are validated every year.

Conduct in the Library

  • Library users are expected to respect the right of each individual to studying a guide atmosphere. Behavior that is disruptive to library users and staff is prohibited.
  • Cellular phones and other form of electronic devices must be put in silent mode or deactivate before entering the library.
  • All calls must be entertained outside the library.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the library.
  • Vandalism is prohibited such as writing on books and furniture, defacing the library materials, building and equipment. Anyone caught committing any of these acts will be dealt accordingly.
  • Leaving personal belongings in the library overnight is not allowed. The library assumed no responsibility for any left belongings unattended.

Dress Code

    Library users wearing strapless tops, bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, sleeveless shirts or blouses, mini skirts shorts and slippers will not be allowed to enter the library.

Control Policies

  • Library users should present their valid I.D card upon entering the library.
  • Library users are not allowed to bring their bags inside the library; it should be deposited in the baggage/checker area. This is standard operating procedure in an open stack system.

Authorized Users

    The resources of the Learning Resource Center are open to the following, subject to the rules and regulations governing their use:

  • NDMC Officials
  • NDMC Faculty and Employees
  • Bonafide Students
  • NDMC Alumni

Non-Constituents of NDMC or Outside User

    They are allowed to use library resources only upon payment of fifty pesos (Php.50.00) for students and one hundred pesos (Php.100.00) for professionals. They are subject to library rules and regulations.

Policy and Procedure:

Confidentiality of Patron Records

It is the policy of the library to safeguard the individual’s right to privacy. The Learning Resource Center maintains confidentiality of records and does not disclose the borrower’s name without his or her consent.

  1. Non-NDMC students can be accommodated upon presentation the issued letter by the respected librarian.
  2. All Non-NDMC students utilizing library resources and facilities are for library premises use only and subject to school policies.
  3. Charging out of books/ periodicals etc. for faculty members and employees
    1. Borrower signs the book card and the date due slip and present it to the circulation desk in-charge.
    2. The circulation desk in-charge checks the list of faculty and non-academic personnel making sure that the borrower is a bonafide faculty or employee of Notre Dame of Midsayap College.
    3. The borrower card is filed alphabetically in the faculty file.
    4. The maximum number of books a faculty member may borrow at one time is limited to ten (10) titles only.
    5. Out of consideration for others, they are requested not to keep the books longer than necessary.
    6. All books must be returned at the end of the school year for inventory purpose.
    7. No current issue or bound periodical volume may be taken out of the library except for classroom use.
    8. Unbound issues that are not current, however, maybe signed out.
  4. Charging Out of Books for Students
    1. Students are required to present his/her Library ID signed by the Registrar.
    2. Request students to write his/her full name, date and time borrowed on the book card.
    3. Circulation in-charge write date due on the date due slip on the book card and countersign.
    4. File borrower’s card alphabetically in the borrower’s card file.
    5. From the book card, record the books in the circulation statistics by subject, year and course.
    6. See to it that students are allowed to borrow four (4) books only at a time: One (1) Filipiniana, one (1)Circulation, One (1) Reserved, and One (1) Fiction Book.
  5. Lost Books Returned by Students and Faculty
    1. A borrower should report lost book to the librarian or student assistants assigned at the charging counter.
    2. Retrieve the borrowers ID and the book card, indicate in the book card “reported lost” on the date when it is reported.
    3. Check the price of the lost book in the accession book, the processing cost and the fine incurred, if has.
    4. Indicate on the book card the total amount to be paid by the student.
    5. When the book is confirmed lost, the technical service librarian requests the student aide to pull out the shelf list card and withdraw the complete entries of the lost book from the card catalog files. For book with more than one (1) copy, simply indicate lost in shelf list card opposite the accession number of the lost copy.
    6. This should also indicate in the accession book in the remark column: “reported lost” with date lost.
    7. The Technical Librarian should see to it that the shelf list card with complete entries is filed in the lost books file.
    8. If the book reported lost was returned by the borrower, the payment made by him/her will not be refunded.
  6. Returning Procedure
    1. Get the book card and the borrower’s card.
    2. Check the title and the accession number if it tallies with the book returned.
    3. Cancel the name of the borrower on the date due slip on the book card.
    4. The borrower’s card is marked “returned” with counter signature and the book card is returned into the book pocket.
    5. Return the book to the shelf where it belongs.
  7. Renewal of Borrowed Books
    1. Get the book card and the borrower’s card from the file.
    2. Re-write the dated due slip and the book card and counter sign both.
    3. Return the book to the borrower.
    4. With the book card, record the renewed book on the borrower’s card.
    5. Return the book card to its file.
  8. Overdue Books
    1. Compute the fines according to the number of days from the date due until the date the book is returned.
    2. Students are charged of Php. 5.00/day for overdue books (including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) from the general circulation.
    3. For reserved books the charge is P 1.00/hour after 1 hour from the due date and hour he/she failed to return the borrowed book
    4. Record the time incurred in the book assigned and provide 3x5 slip of paper to be attached to the borrower’s card.
  9. Reading the File for Overdue Books
    1. Check the book cards for overdue books and list the names of students to be posted on the bulletin board found in the depositing area.
    2. Clearances should not be signed unless these students’ unreturned books are settled.
  10. Types of Materials to be read inside the library only
    1. General reference books
    2. Periodicals
    3. Vertical files clippings
  11. Internet Surfing
    1. Internet is intended for research purposes only.
    2. Surfing of any pornographic websites, games are strictly prohibited.

Policies to Protect Print Materials

  1. All pupils are requested to leave their things at the deposit area before entering the library.
  2. Borrower’s card should be presented whenever library materials are borrowed in anysection of the library.
  3. Books in circulation, Filipiniana and fiction area can be loaned out by the faculty and students with corresponding due date. Reserved books may be brought home for study at 4:30 pm and will be returned at 8:00 am the following day.
  4. General References, Special Collection and Periodical Materials should be used within the library area.
  5. There will be a penalty when faculty and students do not return books on the due date.
  6. Books lost by faculty and students must be replaced with the same title. If the book is irreplaceable 50% of the current price must be paid by the borrowers.


Subject: 1

st Library Day of Learning Resource Center

Date: February 07, 2020
Participants: IBED – ETD,/ IBED- JHS, /IBED – SHS, /Deans ,/ Principal ,/

Assistant Principal ,/Faculty and Teaching staff ,/ Librarians, / Students ,/

Venue: NDMC – Learning Resource Center
Rationale: On March 19, 2022, the Learning Resource Center (LRC) celebrated Library Day
with the theme "Inclusive. Innovative. Interconnected.” The book fair that brought
together instructors from all levels of education elementary, Junior high school, Senior
high school, College Faculty as well as administrators and those who had chosen
textbooks and other library resources as teaching aids was the event's high point.

Activities Undertaken:

The Library Day was composed of two types of activity. All suppliers are

presented their materials both online and printed.

In the morning all faculty and teaching staff were invited to attend the
Demo presentation of online electronic resources at Primera Function Hall. The 1st
presenter was Britannica Academic, 2nd Grammarly, 3rd OECD, plagiarism checker, 4th
Gale, Rex. While in the afternoon, all faculty and teaching staff are required to attend
for selection of books and other library resources.

Teaching personnel are grateful and happy to have a Library Day activity
because they can scan, check and evaluate the materials, Also they are happy that
NDMC is willing to subscribe the electronic resources that can support the students

Subject: 2

nd Library Day of Learning Resource Center

Date: March 19, 2021
Participants:IBED – ETD,/ IBED- JHS, /IBED – SHS, /Deans ,/ Principal ,/

Assistant Principal ,/Faculty and Teaching staff ,/ Librarians, / Suppliers.

Venue: NDMC – Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) conducted a Library Day last
March 19, 2022 with the theme “LIBRARIES AS CATALYSTS IN THE NEW NORMAL
was a Book Fair where in it gathered all teachers from elementary, high school, senior
high school, college, and administrators who have selected textbooks and other library
references for their teaching resources tool.

Activities Undertaken:

The Library Day was held in one day and six (6) suppliers were
participated in the said events. All administrators and teachers were invited in the Book

Each department was given schedules to visit the book display. IBED –
ETD and IBED – JHS were scheduled in the morning and IBED – SHS and All college
departments were scheduled in the afternoon.

In the morning, All teachers were enjoying to discussed what are
appropriate textbooks to be used in the online class and limited face to face for the
incoming school year. Also, college faculty selected their additional references that can
be readily accessed in the library.

All Teaching staff thank to all NDMC administrators and Librarians to
initiate this activity because they can freely choose all the materials/ books that they are
needed for their teaching.
Problems Encountered:
Some of teachers especially in college department observed that there are still
books that are not updated. And some of the books are not found during the display
especially social work books.

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Cellphone no. : 09305165915