The NDMC RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER functions to coordinate and undertake all activities connected to research, planning and development. It is also responsible to energize the institution's system of research engagement in order to make the institution more dynamic and productive in finding knowledge. The center shall also be responsible for the systematic maintenance of the databank of information about the institution and facilitates the needed data analysis through institutional research, where findings shall be used to support institutional planning and decision making, The NDMC RDC shall enable the school to have timely and relevant facts on diverse issues within the Institution and the community.

The NDMC RDC aims to develop culture of research which is the condition necessary to attain research productivity. The office also intends to develop a systematic maintenance and analysis of the institution's databank of information making the institution equipped with the needed facts both in-campus and off-campus that shall serve to support decisions on matters relevant to the promotion of growth, development and progress of the institution. It has to keep linkages by way of research collaboration and research project with other sectors to keep NDMC abreast of industry practices, developmental trends and directions so that the institution would become more responsive and dynamically prepared to meet the demands of the VUCA world.