NDMC-UPD Research Team Met Arumanen ne Menuvu Elder Co-Producers

The face-to-face encounter between NDMC-UPD researchers and the Arumanen ne Menuvu elders happened on April 26-27 in Pangipasan, Matalam Cotabato. 

The elders are co-producers of Serepungan: Research Training and Partnership Program in Philippine Studies. 

Fr. Stephen “Bambam” Ondoy, OMI- Director of the OMI IP Mission School in Pangipasan welcomed the research team for a “dinehey” or dialogue with the community.  

NDMC Intensifies Research Culture Through UPD Research Team Collaboration

Any academic institution that claims excellence has exhausted everything possible to maintain dynamic instruction, engaging extension and rigorous research. These are pillars of excellence of the school not only recognized by an accrediting and funding agencies, scholarships and grants but most importantly her client – the student.


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