The President

Domingo installed as new NDMC President

Feeling Blessed and Grateful: Damean TES Grantees

The wait did not take long for Dameans to claim their educational subsidy funded by CHED-UNIFAST. The second semester release of TES was timely and relevant as the new normal modality has landed the shores of the academic sector.

The grantees are grateful for the subsidy extended by the government, giving them the capability to pay for college education and buy learning tools for open education electronic learning . The parents and guardians also expressed their gratitude for the financial support to secure the continuity of their children’s education.


Mama Mary: The First Missionary of Good News Celebrates Birthday

Fr. James Mallo, OMI reminisced the presence of the kids’ unmistakable chatter during his homily in celebration of Mama Mary’s birthday, September 8. The hugot-filled homily lightened the spirit of the personnel in this most challenging time of COVID 19 pandemic.

September 8 also happens to be the Personnel Sports Fest. There were three teams participating in the fun and adrenalin-filled event: Red, Yellow and Blue.

NDMC's Long History of Excellence: Proof of the Holy Spirit Presence

Excellence is viewed in many aspects, level and intention. In the scores of struggle and survival, NDMC has proven its resiliency and stands today trailblazing a legacy of success. If NDMC is a human, excellence is in its DNA – and everyone agrees without batting an eyelash. 

Dameans Receive Virtual Welcome for the Class Opening

Dameans Receive Virtual Welcome for the Class Opening

It could have been a tale of warm hugs and eager smiles of the students to commence the opening of classes. But COVID 19 Pandemic redirected the once happily celebrated school opening. The academic year 2020-2021 will be remembered as the reference of new normal existence in all aspects.

Pre-School Orientation Highlights Virtual Transaction and Etiquette

There is only one thing in this world that is constant – and that is change. The COVID 19 Pandemic has forced all the operations in the world to migrate from physical to virtual transaction – keeping in mind safety and security. The virtual change was abrupt and demanding – everyone scurried for compliance.
NDMC is on excuse to this new normal compliance. 

NDMC Welcome New Kapamilya

The Notre Dame of Midsayap College is the second home of shapers and shakers of the society - local, national and international. The room of opportunity in NDMC is greener, vast and vibrant. It is not a wonder why perspicacious individual choose NDMC to advance their career.
This academic year, NDMC opens its doors of employment to 39 new personnel – 34 in the teaching posts and 5 in non-teaching department.
College of Arts and Sciences – 09
College of Business and Accountancy – 03
College of Criminal Justice Education – 01
College of Education – 02


Personnel Attend Psycho-Social Support Services Session

The ravaging onslaught of COVID-19 has reached a global hysteria and depression. This pandemic swept the entire goings on of the world into an unimaginable chaos. Everyone felt uncertain and anxious of what is yet to come. There is too much depression everywhere and the academic institutions are no exemption. 

NDMC Gets TES Batch 1 Release

Recipients of the Tertiary Education Subsidy flocked the campus to claim the much awaited financial assistance from the government. The six-day TES release started in June 2 and ended in June 9. The said subsidy is intended for the first semester of last academic year. The prompt submission of NDMC to CHED on the documents required has made it to be included in the first batch of schools to receive TES.

NDMC Welcomes Academic Year in Schoology

While the COVID-19 pandemic crippled all the operations around the world, this is not a case NDMC will roll up sleeves sitting down. Long before the pandemic, NDMC is already bent on training teachers to utilize Schoology. This multimedia platform will complement teachers’ competency to optimize teaching and learning output. The new normal in the academe implements little or no physical contact with the students thereby utilizing technology with virtual classroom and on line activities and assessments.

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