Written by: 
Raihana K. Rampatan

On December 1, 2023, at NDMC Primera Hall buzzed with jubilation as the Bachelor of Science in Social Work students and the College of Arts and Sciences faculty and staff of Notre Dame of Midsayap College celebrated the remarkable success of its Bachelor of Science in Social Work Program. The occasion marked the testimonial dinner in honor of the 17 newly Registered Social Workers who triumphed in the Licensure Examination for Social Workers 2023.

The licensure examination, held across Davao City, Koronadal City, and Kidapawan City on September 18-20, 2023, witnessed the outstanding performance of NDMC's Social Work graduates. Among the proud passers were individuals who now bear the esteemed title of Registered Social Worker:

1. Danna Mae A. Apiag, RSW
2. Queenie O. Arocha, RSW
3. Sheena Mae Bijucos, RSW
4. Dannah April M. Cabaya, RSW
5. Cherry Mae D. Cardoza, RSW
6. Felizardo G. Deocampo, RSW
7. Bernadeth B. Diaz, RSW
8. Queenzel Ann N. Granpeñas, RSW 
9. Jalikha P. Ibrahim, RSW 
10. Deizyl Y. Labrador, RSW 
11. Sitte Mariam U. Lanson, RSW 
12. Gerald S. Nuevaespaña, RSW 
13. Nhelgen I. Oliverio, RSW 
14. Caren C. Ortega, RSW 
15. Rishelyn Mae R. Pascua, RSW 
16. Glyd Michael P. Reyes, RSW 
17. Mereyl Joy C. Tenorio, RSW 

Impressively, NDMC achieved a passing rate of 66.67% among first-time takers, surpassing the national passing rate of 56.75%. The accomplishment reflects the dedication and excellence instilled in the graduates by the institution.

During the testimonial dinner, Glyd Michael P. Reyes, RSW, one of the passers, shared his heartfelt sentiments, succinctly capturing the essence of their journey with his words, "Worth it ang tanan!" These powerful words echoed the challenges overcome, sacrifices made, and the ultimate triumph achieved, making the evening not only a celebration of success but a testament to the enduring spirit of perseverance and commitment within the NDMC community.


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