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The Notre Dame of Midsayap College, founded in 1941, is the first Notre Dame school in Asia. The name "Notre Dame" was suggested by...

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Empowering Children with OFW Parents through Faith and Spirituality

Empowering Children with OFW Parents through Faith and Spirituality

     A research conducted by the Scalibrini Migration Center (2004) mentioned that children of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) experience a sense of abandonment, confusion, insecurity, anxiety, loss of closeness with parents and loss of respect to parents. Excessive stress can be harmful to the academic performance of the students and those who perceive their stress level as very high may often become depressed. Some of them even cultivated anti-social behaviour as a sign of rebellion against their parents.           

     In order to address this pressing concern, the College Guidance Office initiated an assembly involving the NDMC students from junior high school, senior high school and college units with OFW parents on November 14, 2017 at NDMC Primera Function Hall. This pursuit sought to assist them cope with their social, spiritual and personal anxieties. The facilitators also provided the participants with the necessary knowledge and tips on how to handle emotions, verbalize problems and make decisions in a responsible manner. They encouraged the participants to cultivate the habit of prayer and optimism. They pointed out that it is important to remain optimistic in times of failure and affliction. The facilitators also mentioned that participants should spend more time with the people who believe, love and accept them and to immerse themselves to worthwhile hobbies and schemes.