Golden Eagles Bags Two Sidlak Crowns

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The winning streak of the CBA Golden Eagles has duplicated in the recently concluded Ms. And Ms. SIDLAK 2019. Felix Sario, Jr –BSHM 1 and Kryza Jane Torrejas – BSBA-FM 1, both from the College of Business and Accountancy earned the nods of the judges as this year’s Mr. and Ms. SIDLAK 2019. This year’s Mr. and Ms. SIDLAK is a first of its kind as the three competing teams sent 2 pairs of candidates. This idea came out from the clamor of the students of pitting more contestants to generate vibe and more opportunity to showcase one’s potential. The four-hour pageant presented the candidates in School Uniform, Sports Attire, Playsuit, Formal Wear and Interview. During the interview, all the female candidates were asked with the one same question “What do you think is the biggest problem your barangay is facing today? What can you do to address this that would also bring change in your municipality?” which they composed an answer with poise and grace. The male candidates took the microphone to answer one and same question “As an NDMC student, what can you do to promote youth empowerment that would help in addressing some issues in your barangay?” which drew cheers from the crowd. Kathleen Catilo, Ms. SIDLAK 2018 and Jehad Pasandalan, Mr. SIDLAK 2018 took their farewell walk to welcome the new Mr. and Ms. Intrams.
Mr. SIDLAK 2019 – Felix Sario, Jr. – CBA
Ms. SIDLAK 2019 – Kryza Jane Torrejas – CBA

Mr. First Runner-up – Aurelio Diamante III – CITE
Ms. First Runner-up – Ghail Sigua – CBA

Mr. Second Runner-up – Lance Christopher Bingil – CBA
Ms. Second Runner-up – Kyla Claire Bingil – CITE

Mr. Third Runner-up – Enrico Miguel Pahati – CITE
Ms. Third Runner-up – Hannie Lie Torres – ASCEND

Mr. Fourth Runner-up – Ahmad Ulanan – ASCEND
Ms. Fourth Runner-up – Kaye Escavillas – ASCEND

Mr. Fifth Runner-up – Resty Christian LLaguno – ASCEND
Ms. Fifth Runner-up – Christine Ramirez – CITE

The panel of judges for the Mr. and Ms. SIDLAK included :
Raji-un Pedtamanan,
Jomar Tamba,
Angelin Summer Fernandez,
Nicole Faye Robles
and Jane Darren Genobisa

The evening also featured the Vocal Solo and Duet Singing Contest.
Vocal Solo Singing Contest
Champion – CITE Black Hawks
First Runner-up – CBA Golden Eagles
Second Runner-up – ASCEND Blue Toucans

Vocal Duet Singing Contest
Champion – CBA Golden Eagles
First Runner-up – CITE Black Hawks
Second Runner-up – ASCEND Blue Toucans

The panel of judges for Vocal Solo and Duet Singing Contest included:
Rustom Baloyo,
Aljun Alborme
And Roxette Bayeta Gregorio

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