College of Education Preduces 3 LPT Topnotchers

The long drought of producing LPT Topnotcher has finally come to an end in the College of Education as 3 LET takers made it to the Top 10 in the recently conducted LET last September 2019. Gybrille Rosse Galvan Ferolin (BEED-PreSchool) Top 3, Adrian Turbanos Obeñita (BEED) Top 7 and Angelo Paculio Florague (BSED-Math) Top 8 will rewrite the history of the college for the passion and perseverance and persistence that drove them to reach the pinnacle of success.

The BEED-PreSchool, BSED Filipino, BSED Math, BSED Social Studies, BSED English, BSED Biology and BSED BTTE boast of the 100% passing rate. BEED raised the bar with a passing rate of 89.29, BSED MAPEH made an 84.21% passing rate while the BSED TLE hit the 66.66 % passing rate.

Ferolin, Obeñita and Florague will receive P100,000.00 cash gift each from the school in recognition of their defining contribution towards the vision of bringing the best of Notre Dame spirit and excellence to Asia and the rest of the world. A grand Testimonial Dinner is being planned to be held on January 25. 2020 to also honor the newly Licensed Professional Teachers.

NDMC exceeds the national passing rates both BSED and BEED. The National Passing Rate for BSED is 39.68 against NDMC BSED of 88.12, while BEED National Passing Rate is 31.34 against mile high NDMC BEED of 89.29.

The overwhelming board exam results and 3 topnotchers are just fitting tribute and flood of blessings to the Diamond Jubilee of the College of Education. The diamond celebration will kick off next school year.

Photo credits: Regina Student Yearbook

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