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The Notre Dame of Midsayap College, founded in 1941, is the first Notre Dame school in Asia. The name "Notre Dame" was suggested by...

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Last August 1, 2017 the Department of the College of Information Technology and Engineering conducted an acquaintance party for the student. The event started at 10 o’clock in the morning and ended at 2:30 in the afternoon. The celebration was said to be the way of creating a strong relationship with the other students and this was prepared by the Cite LSG officers together with the CITE LSG moderator, the DEAN and the CITE Faculty. The acquaintance party was composed of 4 teams, the PINK team (5th year ECE and CpE and 3rd year IS and CS), the YELLOW team (3rd year IT), the ORANGE team (3rd year ECE and CpE) and lastly the BLUE team (4th year ECE and CpE). The CITE LSG prepared 4 parlor games to the students for them to enjoy the program.

The program start with the opening prayer by Angelica Singco, Cite LSG auditor and it was followed by the opening remarks by the CITE DEAN. After giving his opening remarks Engr. Lyndel Jean Pagaduan formally start program with parlor games. The first Parlor game is called BINGO. This parlor is just another way of communicating and knowing the other students. The mechanics of this parlor game is that the student must put the name of the person that are match in the description that are written in the BINGO sheet. Example, A person who is wearing a lipstick, the student must find who is that person wearing lipstick and put the name of that person in his/her BINGO sheet. This game is good only for 5 minutes.

After the BINGO game the next parlor game was called the HEKTI KO. The mechanics of this game is that every team must consist of 15 players and it was divided into 3 member each row. Every team must have 3 person walking from the starting line through the person who is standing in front of them then they will walk again back to the starting line with a piece of knot that are knotted in their both leg. The winner of this game was the orange team and earned 40 points. The next game was called BEAUTY PLUS. The mechanics of this game was ,each group must have 2 participant and the person in front of the other person will put a make up to the other person using a lipstick and powder only but with blindfold. The winner of this game was the orange team and gain again 40 points. The last game was called THE EATING CHALLANGE. Each group must have 4 participant and those participant must eat all the items that was given to them . The winner of this game and got the 40 points was the blue team. After the parlor games the CITE LSG officer distribute the lunch for the student. After the lunch the program continue with the bonus game that was called HIGUPA KO. The mechanics of this game was each team must have 1 participant that will swallow the helium gas from the balloon then they will say the word “Cite acquaintance party 2017”. The winner of this game was the pink team.

The program ended with the closing remarks by Engr. Lyndel Jean Pagaduan.