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Enterprise Data Management

The College of Information technology and Engineering faculty attended a training on MODULE II “Enterprise Data Management” last January 4-8, 2017, at Notre Dame of Marbel University, Bro. Renato Cruz Hall this is a continuation of MODULE I held last November 23-27, 2016.

The day starts with a prayer, and presentation of participants. On the first day, the facilitator gives an overview about the content of the training. It was explained and discuss the basics of database management systems. The following are the objectives: (1) understand DBMS, (2) describe the process of data discovery and data patterns in large data sets, (3) understand various techniques related to data extraction and data pre-processing before using the data modelling, (4) describe the importance of data warehouses for reporting and data analysis and understand the difference from operation data source, and (4) describe formalized means of organizing and storing of documents and other content in an organization related to the organization’s processes. It also discuss the purpose of Enterprise data management (EDM). It was fruitfully Introduces enterprise data management through data Warehousing. The first day end with a task of data modeling, from conceptual, logical and physical model design.

On the second day, the facilitator presents the four-step dimensional design process, this four key decisions are made during the design of a dimensional model, it includes (1) select the business process, (2) declare the grain (3) identify the dimensions (4) identify the facts. We the NORTHWIND database as our actual database or a typical transaction processing systems. We identify the dimensions table and fact tables. The dimensional table contain attributes related to the NORTHWIND database, the fact table are useful to describe events and coverage, it has an information that something has or has not happened. Like a questions, “What was the revenue comparison of non-holiday weekend days to holiday weekend days?”. The day end with a task of identifying dimensional table and formulate questions for the fact table and it was presented to the group.

On the third day, we use Standard Query Languages (SQL) select statement to answer the questions on the fact table with the same database (NORTHWIND database). We are given a task to create an Entity Relationship model and Entity Relationship Diagram. The day ends with the presentation of our output.

We have two days of analyzing a case studies, on the fourth day, the group are task to make an entity-relationship model with a case study named RETAIL GROCERY STORE (RGS) case study from denormalized database design to normalized database design. We identify and analyze the more appropriate and specific table coming from our dimension and fact table. On the fifth day, another task to make an entity-relationship model with a case study named The EMERGENCY ROOM (ER) case study.

The five (5) days training was an activity that is full resources, of learning, refreshing and discovery of new ideas that will equip us to teach in the course.

All outputs of the group from day one (1) to day five (5) are submitted online. The training ends with giving of certificates.


Prepared by:

Michaelangelo R. Serrano, MIM

Rhino D. Cartagena, MIT