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The MSU-IIT and IECEP in partnership with PIIC has been offering series of seminars in response to the shortage in terms of IC-design ready graduates in the Philippines. This effort is aimed to help making the country a location for IC design activities and increase the multi-national semiconductor companies here in the Philippines.

This seminar is not new to us, since we have been actively participating from phase I, Introduction to Analog IC- July 21- Aug. 01, 2015, to phase 2, Operational Amplifier IC Design Training – January 18 – January 23, 2016. And this time the the phase 3 was entitled “Full-Custom IC Design Layout” held last November 21-25 2016. Like the previous seminars, this is also a five-day intensive seminar consisted of lectures and laboratory exercises. The said seminar was participated by Engr. Jarold Sumaylo and Engr. Lyndel Jean L. Pagaduan.

For the week long seminar, Engr. Jefferson A. Hora was our resource speaker. He was indeed a great speaker. Engr. Lowaton and Engr. Olga of the previous seminar were not able to make it this time due to their prior commitments. Phase 1 of this series seminar discussed more on the transistor’s characteristics that were used in the IC designing; phase 2 was all about the operational amplifier, where the transistors discussed in phase 1 were being used. The 3rd phase of the seminar had completed the package of “Analog IC Design” which could be implemented as an elective in microelectronics track. The discussion was focused on the physical layout of the circuitry that was being carefully design and was actually the output from our previous seminar (Phase 2- Operational Amplifier).

Back when we were having our 3-month faculty immersion at PIIC we had experienced lay-outing, making the seminar not new to us. However PIIC and MSU-IIT Microlab are using different design tool. PIIC used the Cadence while Synopsis for the MSU. Both design tools are the leading multi-million industry standard IC design EDA tool. Such costly tool is now actually one of our concerns, since the school is at the moment, not able to purchase the said tool. As a result, some of the exercises from the seminar will not be easily implemented in the classroom the way it was implemented in the seminar. However we have been making ways in order for the students to experience the laboratory exercises by using free software equivalent such as SPICE and Electric.

In the midst of the seminar, some businessman came in and had some talk about the different equipment and software their company offers. And I must say some of the items presented were really interesting and would be better if the school will be able to purchase, especially the Lab View.

The five-day intensive seminar ended up successfully. All the participants went home equipped with the new knowledge that for sure all are excited to share to their students. The seminar also built friendship amongst the participants from the different colleges and universities in Mindanao. We are looking forward to the next phase of the seminar in which according to the organizers would most probably be happening on April 2017.

In behalf of my co-participant Engr. Sumaylo, I would like to express my sincerest thank you to NDMC for its continuing support and efforts in making its faculty grow professionally, and above all, to God the almighty for making all these possible.