BurPag Abounds on Teachers’ Day Celebration

Written by: 
Regina Student Publication

Teachers’ Day celebration in NDMC is indeed happy. Smiles and shrieks over burger and spaghetti sums up what could make a teacher most happy.

In the afternoon of October 5, as the world celebrated World Teachers’ Day, personnel trooped and bee lined for a burger and spaghetti merienda at the student lounge.

Fr. Jonathan R. Domingo, OMI treated everyone a “pa-burger and pa-spag”, recognizing the colossal contribution of the teachers in the delivery of quality and relevant education in this most challenging times.

It was a moment of great joy sitting with a co-worker enjoying the food and just let the time pass by with amusing stories and reminiscence.

The road to old normal and face to face teaching is still at sea but being cared and recognized motivates teachers to go the distance.


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