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John Dane A. Fontanilla

The College of Business and Accountancy amalgamates to honor the five passers who successfully passed the CPA Licensure Examination held last May 21, 22, and 23, 2023, September 30, 2023, and October 1 and 2, 2023, on December 04, 2023.

Focusing the lens on the feat of these passers who augment the school and department’s list of achievements, the baronial testimonial dinner themed “Turning Trials into Triumph: Celebrating the Breakthrough of Success, Inspiring the Next Generation” echoes not just the honoree’s long months of preparation but also the relentless persistence of the proud and astute mentors in the pursuit of excellence.

In a captivating address that resonated with the attendees, Fr. Ramon Maria G. Bernabe, OMI, delivered an inspiring message to the newest cohort of certified public accountants, elucidating not just the importance of ethical financial stewardship but also ignited a fervent commitment to excellence within the profession. Fr. Bernabe's insights transcended the technicalities of accounting, urging these professionals to embrace their roles as guardians of financial integrity with unwavering dedication. 

“The path to becoming a CPA is undeniably arduous. It is a journey filled with countless trials. From the rigorous academic curriculum to the demanding examination process, the long hours of study, the complexities of accounting principles, and the ethical standards you upheld have all contributed to shaping you into the professionals you are today.” - Reginald Y. Bayron, CPA, CTCA, DPO, coalescing his warm greetings and challenge to the new Certified Public Accountants.

Extending their gratitude to people who have made them as successful as they are now in their chosen field, Sharine D. Alam, CPA, Rodel O. Mangosing, CPA, Dave C. Canaan, CPA, and Klim Donna Torreda, CPA, gave their speeches, underscoring the significance of establishing smart study habits, right circle of friends and family, dynamics of one’s capacity to a review center, emotional sanity, and connection with God amidst all the hurdles.

Running after was the challenge of Rejiel Christian Jay D. Ondoy, CPA, one of the honorees, to the JPIANs who will soon take their licensure examination.

“I’ve learned that success is not just about passing exams. It’s about personal growth and transformation that happen along the way. It’s about developing resilience in the face of adversity.” 

In response, Abegill E. Duga, the JPIA President, delivered her word of acceptance to the challenge wholeheartedly.

Filling the air with joy and laughter, the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants took the floor and grooved to the beat of the music, a fusion of TikTok songs, leaving the attendees dumbfounded. A soulful and sumptuous dinner was also served, signifying and celebrating the success of these new professionals, gleaming time for networking, sharing stories, and strengthening the bonds that make the community resilient.

In a nutshell, the testimonial dinner for new CPAs was more than just a recognition of academic success. It was an acceptance of membership into a group that stood for quality and integrity.


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