Dameans Receive Virtual Welcome for the Class Opening

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Dameans Receive Virtual Welcome for the Class Opening

It could have been a tale of warm hugs and eager smiles of the students to commence the opening of classes. But COVID 19 Pandemic redirected the once happily celebrated school opening. The academic year 2020-2021 will be remembered as the reference of new normal existence in all aspects.
NDMC formally opened the class opening with a virtual program to welcome the students in their respective college and course on August 17 at the Bulwagang Genoveva Deles-Jaranilla through Facebook Live. Mrs. Eva C. Sison, MPA – HRDMO Directress introduced the members of the NDMC Administration. Engr. Ronniel D. Labio, MIT – VP for Academics  gave the Academic Challenge to thrive amidst the pandemic. 
The respective deans and faculty of the different colleges welcomed the students via tarpaulin and paper greetings. 
The new normal academic protocol has skipped the physical contact but the sheer excitement of welcoming the students through virtual platform has never waned.

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