English Fest 2020: A Showcase of Exquisiteness and Articulation

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The annual celebration of the English Festival provides the students an opportunity to further appreciate English language.

This is an event that serves as an avenue to wider platform of communication. It is a festival that enhances students’ communication skills in different competitions.

The English Festival was headed by the English Circle officers and member together with their moderator Ms. Ivy N. Macgaba, LPT, MALT.

The culmination program was held at the Bulwagang Genoveva Deles-Jaranilla last March 07 with the theme, “Communication Skills: Key to Excel in a Multicultural Nation”.

This event was participated by the Senior High School students which were divided into four teams. Team Maharlika, Lakas, Katipuneros, Mga Ibong Mandaragit and Team Ladinos.

Results of different competitions: (CHAMPION)
1. Declamation- Team Ladinos
2. Extemporaneous Speaking- Team Ladinos
3. Poem Writing- Team Maharlika
4. Quiz bee- Team Lakas
5. Movie Analysis- Team Ladinos
6. Bench Cheering- Team Ladinos
7. Jazz Chant-Team Ladinos

Mr. and Ms. Eloquence 2020

Jayson Jay M. Bitoon - Team Katipuneros
-Mr. Eloquence 2020
-Best in Talent
-Mr. Witty

Glaeu Kyla B. Candido - Team Katipuneros
-Ms. Eloquence 2020
-Best in Talent
-Best in Festival Attire
-Best in Production Number
-Ms. Witty

Alexander Saljay - Team Ibong Mandaragit
-Mr. Competence

Azineth Gorrero - Team Maharlika
-Ms. Competence

Gerald B. Sapallida - Team Ladinos
-Mr. Expression
-Mr. Captivating
-Best in Festival Attire
-Best in Production Number
-Best Modern Casual Attire
-People’s Choice

Chaztine Joanna Deanon - Team Ladinos
-Ms. Expression
-Ms. Captivating
-Best in Modern Casual Attire
-People’s Choice

Nicobel V. Neri III - Team Maharlika
-Mr. Initiative

Shaleni Jane Tukan - Team Lakas
-Ms. Initiative

Mario Martin - Team Lakas
-Mr. Confidence

Beverly Emerald Baria - Team Ibong Mandaragit
-Ms. Confidence

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