Metamorphosis: NDMC Celebrates 62nd Commencement Exercises, 2023

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The 21st of May, 2023 is a day  of joys. and sorrows—of tearful goodbyes and bittersweet ‘see you soons"—of another milestone successfully completed for these young and eager hopefuls. This fortuitous day marks the start of a new chapter in their journey.

A page-turning event that will forever imprint itself into their minds, the 62nd College Commencement Exercises of Notre Dame of Midsayap College start with the sun shining in the sky, as if the heavens themselves were blessing the Eucharistic celebration occurring that early morning.

During the hooding ceremony,  Fr. Jonathan R. Domingo, OMI, the president, along with Fr. Elmer Gumba, OMI,  sent a powerful message that resonated within the hearts of these young professional aspirants. It is one of the highlights of a very special occasion wherein it acknowledges the success of the graduates, signifying the success of completing their chosen academic program and it reminds the graduates that they owe the people who have sacrificed time, effort, and money to help us secure a good future for themselves.

In the College of Education, there are 155 graduating students, College of Business and Accountancy, there are over 265, the College of Information, Technology, and Engineering (77), the College of Nursing (65), in the College of Criminal Justice Education (100), in the College of Arts and Sciences (123), and in the Graduate School, there are 33 graduating students. With a total of 818 college graduates this year (2023).

Furthermore, 91 students achieved Latin honors—15 graduating students who are Magna Cum Laude and 76 graduating students who are Cum Laude—while 14 graduating students were awarded with special awards. These young professionals  will carry the name of Notre Dame on their backs with pride and honor as they embark on their journey, overcoming obstacles, rendering services, and helping the poor. As Ms. Aliyah M. Ahadain, from the BSED Social Studies, has said, amid apprehension and doubts during her four years earning her bachelor’s degree, she has persevered, as has everyone else. "We all have different stories and experiences that brought us to this day, but one thing in common is our determination to succeed," she added Metamorphosis: the transition from one thing to another.It is a change that one must undergo in order to flourish over the course of their journey.

On behalf of the faculty and staff, and Notre Dame as a whole, we applaud and offer our congratulations to these graduating students. No longer will these young adults embark on a journey protected by a four-walled classroom, but they will now face the outside world as independent adults, persevering with determination towards achieving success. May they succeed in their endeavours, in both life and career, and make Notre Dame proud!



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