NDMC Gears Up Co-hosting COPRISA's Clash of the Olympians

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Regina Student Yearbook

Private schools from Area 1 and 2 sparred for athletic prowess in the 3-day COPRISA Meet from October 2 to 4, 2019 which was simultaneously played at the grounds of Notre Dame of Midsayap College and Southern Christian College.

Games played were Basketball (M), Volleyball (M/W), Baseball (M), Taekwondo (M/W), Swimming (M/W), Sepak Takraw (M/W), Football (M), Futsal (W), Chess (M/W), Table Tennis (M/W), Lawn Tennis-Single (M/W), Lawn Tennis-Double (M/W).

Area 1 Schools
St. Jude College of Science and Technology
iLink College of Science and Technology
ND Libungan
ND Pigcawayan
ND Genio Edcor
ND Pikit

Area 2 Schools

ND Matalam
ND Kabacan
ND Makilala
ND Arakan
SBC Mlang

At the end of the 3-day Athletic Meet, NDMC proved to be the Powerhouse of Olympians having emerged champion in the following events:

1.Basketball (M)
2.Volleyball (M/W)
3.Baseball (M)
4.Taekwondo (M) 2 Champions
5.Swimming (M/W)
6.Sepak Takraw (W)
7.Futsal (W)
8.Taekwondo (W) 3 Champions
9.Chess (M)
10.Lawn Tennis-Single (W)
11. Lawn Tennis-Doubles (M/W)

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