NDMC NSTP at 20: Programs Implemented Get Evaluated and Improved

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Regina Student Publication

There is so much to say about National Service Training Program - its awareness and impact to the students who realize their significant contributions to the community and country as a whole. 

Such magnanimity of national service training does not only mean coming up and implementing a community project to culminate the program but to realize a sustainable and relevant project . 

NSTP goes beyond community outreach. It instills capability building within and among the students as well as instilling life skills that would empower the youth in decision making and nation building initiatives. 

As the academic year concluded, the annual evaluation and planning of the NSTP was conducted. No less than the idyllic Isla Jardin in Glan, Sarangani was the perfect venue for the said activity. 

Engr. Ronniel, MIT- the VPAA was the resource speaker who conducted the evaluation and planning which was joined by Mrs. Rosario Gapasin-NSTP Coordinator, Deans  and Focal Persons. 

Engr. Labio highlighted his talk on improving the NSTP with the use of evaluation tool to check the relevance of the students' community projects aligned with the mission and vision of the school. 

Celebrating 20 years of implementing NSTP in NDMC, the accolades received and testimonies of gratitude from the project recipients proved the soundness of the implemented projects.



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