Personnel Attend Psycho-Social Support Services Session

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The ravaging onslaught of COVID-19 has reached a global hysteria and depression. This pandemic swept the entire goings on of the world into an unimaginable chaos. Everyone felt uncertain and anxious of what is yet to come. There is too much depression everywhere and the academic institutions are no exemption. 
The Campus Ministry Office and the Guidance Office along with volunteer facilitators form the different departments and colleges conducted a series of Psycho-Social Support Services session to the personnel from June 17 to July 10 at the Primera Function Hall. The activity is aptly themed “Striving and Thriving Amidst Covid-19” which is in line with the vision of NDMC’s Resiliency Plan 2020. 
The session aimed to:
a. provide venue for the personnel to express their quarantine experiences,
b. identify support system among co-workers,
c. assess readiness for online learning,
d. encourage everyone to identify outstanding mental health practices,
e. learn insights from the experiences of others.
The global pandemic is far from its long awaited end but everyone is encouraged to live and adapt in the new normal with courage and motivation. The healthy disposition in life starts with objectivity and motivation. Everyone around can be the source of inspiration and encouragement. 

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