Test Construction Seminar-Workshop Narrative Report

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Eight faculty from the College of Information and Technology and Engineering  (CITE) and three faculty from the College of Criminal Justice and Education (CCJE) attended the seminar-workshop on Test Construction at the Open Laboratory on October 12, 2019.  The goal of the activity is to equip the faculty with skills on how to conduct examination questionnaires that contain more problem-solving questions to develop the competencies expected from the students. The resource speakers of the Test Construction Seminar-Workshop are Dr. Tito M. Demafiles and Dr. Honeylyn M. Mahinay.

 Dr. Mahinay started the activity by explaining the importance of Learning Outcomes to the CITE faculty. She emphasized the significance of Bloom's   Taxonomy as guide on the proper usage of action words to be used in the assessment. She explained that it will help balance the low-order thinking   skills and higher-order thinking skills. She provided inputs about evaluation and assessment and the different types of evaluation and approaches to   assessment.

 Another topic that was presented was Constructive Alignment. This refers to the teaching-learning activity or activities and assessment tasks aligned   with the intended learning outcome. The speaker provided an activity to the faculty applying the principles presented. They are going to determine   whether or not the assessment task is aligned with the learning outcome. The faculty actively participated during the said activity. The last two topics   were presented by Dr. Mahinay were the different classifications of assessment methods and types of portfolios.

The last part of the seminar-workshop was presented by D. Demafiles. He gave emphasis on the rules of creating an effective assessment like rules for item writing and rules in writing plausible options. He also presented and demonstrated the two different ways of making Table of Specifications (TOS). After the presentation and demonstration, Dr. Demafiles gave a workshop to the participants in creating a sample examination questionnaire and TOS.

The participants were immensely grateful for the relevant seminar-workshop extended to them. The seminar-workshop, the participants gained knowledge and skills that help them deliver the teaching-learning process effectively.