Triumph Beyond Measure: Unveiling the Extraordinary - The 6th SHS Commencement Exercises

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Regina Student Publication

May 18, 2023, a day that will forever be etched in the hearts and minds of the graduating senior high school. It was a momentous occasion, the culmination of years of unwavering dedication, relentless pursuit of excellence, and breathtaking personal growth. As the sun radiated its golden glow, the graduates eagerly embraced the long-awaited face-to-face graduation ceremony, ready to embark on their remarkable journey beyond the shadows of the pandemic.

With hearts pounding with anticipation, a grand procession unfolded, captivating every onlooker. The candidates for graduation, clad in resplendent attire, exuded an air of elegance and sophistication. Alongside them, the revered faculty, staff, administrators, distinguished guests, and esteemed board of trustees created an awe-inspiring tableau, a mosaic of brilliance and achievement.

The ceremonial invocation, led by the illustrious Fr. Alvin Vicente C. Barretto, OM Chaplain, NDMC, transported everyone to a sacred realm of reflection and introspection. A hush fell over the venue, a moment to acknowledge the collective strength and resilience that brought them to this extraordinary juncture. Then, as if by divine orchestration, the resounding notes of the Philippine National Anthem reverberated through the air, evoking an indescribable surge of pride and patriotism, uniting the entire assembly in a harmonious chorus.

The stage was now set for Dr. Daisy O. Medalla, the esteemed IBEd Principal, to take center stage. With poise and grace, she introduced the remarkable candidates for graduation, the 482 graduates. Rochelle Anne D. Dagang, a shining star from the ABM strand, give her address pulsated with raw emotion, as she expressed heartfelt gratitude to those who had been her guiding lights during her arduous journey. Rochelle's words, imbued with passion and authenticity, ignited an inferno of inspiration, urging her peers to persist in their pursuit of excellence until their dreams materialized into tangible realities. The air crackled with the electric energy of determination.

Fr. Jonathan R. Domingo, the magnetic President of NDMC, stepped forward, his presence commanding attention and respect. As he bestowed degrees and titles upon the graduates, his voice resonated with a profound sense of honor and celebration. This was a pivotal moment, marking not only the end of a chapter but the inception of an extraordinary odyssey into uncharted territories of success and triumph.

But the ceremony was far from over. Hon. Justine Clio M. Ostique, President of the revered NDMC Alumni Association, graced the stage, welcoming the graduates into an illustrious fold that would forever serve as a sanctuary of shared experiences, invaluable connections, and unwavering support. The graduates, their hearts ablaze with passion, swore their allegiance, affirming their undying commitment to their alma mater, their brothers and sisters who stood beside them, and the boundless possibilities that lay ahead.

Then came the culmination of their academic endeavors—the moment they had all been waiting for. As the graduates received their well-deserved awards and diplomas, the room erupted in thunderous applause and heartfelt cheers. Each certificate, a testament to countless sleepless nights, tireless effort, and unwavering dedication, became a cherished treasure, a tangible manifestation of their triumph over adversity. Tears of joy mingled with radiant smiles, painting an indelible portrait of pure, unadulterated bliss.

And in that instant, something magical happened. The voices of the graduates harmonized into a powerful crescendo. Indeed the graduates are ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that awaited them, stepped forward into a world that had been forever transformed by their resilience and determination.


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