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NDMC LET Results still above the National Passing Rate

By Ruby Rose C. Pendon, BSED- English III

The Professional Regulations Commission released its official list of new professional teachers on November 27, 2017. For the September 2017 Licensure Examination for Teachers, NDMC achieved a considerable passing rate for BSED and BEED takers. Thirty-nine (39) BSED, twelve (12) BEED graduates and sixteen (16) BSED- Unit Earners have been added to the set of licensed teachers. The BSED boasts a 77.78% passing rate which is way above the national passing rate of 46. 37%. Also, the BEED gained a 35.48% finish which is still above their national passing rate of 26.33%.

Indeed, it is not an easy road for the takers. Prior to the scheduled examination, they dedicated most of their time in a rigorous review.

In addition, with the purpose of increasing their knowledge of the subject matter and test taking skills, the College of Education organized an Enhancement Program where professors and instructors collaboratively conducted series of lectures and practice test activities to the students.